Carefully read the following "Terms and Conditions" that apply to all Consolidated and Published Fares sold through our website
  • Review your Itinerary Carefully to make sure there are no mistakes (dates, names, etc.).  Failure to do so may result in your inability to use the ticket and cancellation of the reservation.
  • Published (Public) fares are non refundable.  Published fares, however, can be cancelled and credit can be used with the same airline for a period of 1 year from purchase.  Penalties apply
  • After a confirmation number is issued a reservation can be voided  not later than the midnight of the following day with a penalty of $200.00 per ticket.
  • All Cancellations (where permitted) are subject to a fee specified on individual customer's invoice plus $50 per person service fee.   Refund process may take 6-8 weeks
  • All Changes (where permitted) are subject to a fee specified on individual customer's invoice plus $100 per person service fee 
  • Tickets issued at special web fare discounts may not be reissued to another fare type
  • To Cancel/Change your reservation you must contact us no later than 3(three) days before your scheduled departure
  • We must have paper-tickets in our possession before scheduled departure to make any Cancellation or Change otherwise the reservation will be considered a "no show" and you will not be eligible for a refund
  • Tickets are not for resale
  • Names shown on tickets cannot be changed
  • Special offers, coupons, credits or frequent mileage programs may not be applied to the airfares sold on our website. Credit vouchers cannot be used as payment for tickets purchased on our website. Discounts do not apply to previously purchased tickets
  • Shipping prices include delivery to any US or Canadian address.  We can ship paper tickets to a non-US address for an additional fee and these shipments are not guaranteed.  Please email us after placing the booking if you want the tickets shipped to an International address
  • If your tickets cannot be processed for any reason you will be notified via email within 2 (two) business days and your payment will NOT be processed
  • Although your tickets and seats are guaranteed, schedule changes by the airline, weather patterns and other acts of God may change your reservation. It is highly recommended that you re-confirm with the airline directly 72 hours prior to the departure date. Failure to do so may result in Cancellation of your reservation
  • Purchase of an optional Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.  We cannot waive penalties imposed by the airlines
  • For international travel, it is always important to check country's "Entry Requirements", have the correct Visa and make sure that your Passport is up to date in advance of travel
  • Check-in at the airline counter is required at least 3 hours prior to departure for International travel and 2 hours for Domestic travel.  Late check-in may result in Cancellation of reservation
  • Pets are allowed on flights booked through our website, pursuant to the airlines' individual restrictions and regulations. Additional charges may apply
  • There will appear two charges on your Credit Card Statement.  Passenger Fee will appear as a charge separate from the airline (which charges for the base fare and taxes/government fees). The total amount of both charges will be equal to the total amount shown
  • If you are using a Debit Card please call your bank as soon as your reservaiton is confirmed and make sure to raise the daily allowed spending limit to cover the purchase (if applicable)
  • By clicking on the "Confirm" button the customer assumes the burden of proof if the customer wishes to contest a charge on a credit card for travel service purchased or for shipping or handling charges, taxes, and other fees outlined to the customer during the booking process. The customer agrees the bank should not make such a charge back against our company, our ticket processor, or the airline, until we and the bank discuss the charges and the burden of proof is met. The customer also agrees not to begin a charge back if our agency has abided by the rules that are in this document, that you are agreeing to by booking a reservation through us. This means a charge back shall not be frivolous. If you charge back the airline for reservations on our system that the airline would not normally refund according to its own internal policies and regulations and the airline passes this charge on to our company or an agency that is performing our ticketing, you (the customer) agree to refund our company for the same amount plus penalty of 50% inconvenience compensation plus the minimum cost required to initiate proper civil proceedings, such as collections and small claims court, to recoup this loss from the customer
  • By clicking on the "Confirm" button you authorize us to charge your card for the total amount shown*
* If you are booking a Private fare on Alitalia or Iberia or airfrance airlines your card will be charged additional 4% surcharge. This only applies to Private fares. Published fares will be charged as shown.
  • Johannesburg $ 1176.00
  • Beijing $ 465.00
  • Kolkata $ 1055.00
  • Kathmandu $ 1228.00
  • Shanghai $ 507.00
  • Hong Kong $ 663.00
  • Montego Bay $ 159.00
  • Punta Cana $ 252.00
  • St Croix $ 329.00
  • Aruba $ 248.00
  • Grand Cayman $ 296.00
  • Strasbourg $ 299.00
  • Edinburgh $ 288.00
  • Budapest $ 290.00
  • Florence $ 340.00
  • Reykjavik $ 435.00
  • $ 0.00
  • Dubai $ 750.00
  • Beirut $ 881.00
  • Tel Aviv $ 784.00
  • Riyadh $ 817.00
  • Amman $ 715.00
  • Quito $ 330.00
  • Buenos Aires $ 515.00
  • Santiago $ 308.00
  • Rio De Janeiro $ 617.00
  • Salvador $ 378.00
  • San Francisco $ 72.00
  • Miami $ 99.00
  • San Diego $ 182.00
  • Avignon $ 299.00
  • Vancouver $ 338.00